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Thank You Twitter

27 Apr

Sometimes I feel like I live in a vacuum. Not because everything sucks, no!! That’s not it at all (cause really, things are pretty darn good). But a lot of times I’ll throw stuff out on the internet just to get it off my chest – not thinking that anyone is really reading it or paying attention. I mean, *you’re* reading this now…but…Facebook and Twitter… you know how it is. Maybe

Anyway, last night I learned that there are some pretty amazing people hiding out here in my computer! And I’m going to tell you about them. But of course there’s some background first 🙂

As you know, I’m diabetic. I’ve been on insulin now for about 9 years.  I take an injection at night before bed (in addition to some new ones at meal times – but yesterday was actually a really good day – sugar-level-wise) and generally go to what passes for sleep these days and wake up and re-start my day!

For the uninitiated, insulin smells like bandaids. Go ahead. Go open a box and take a big sniff. I’ll wait…

To continue, about a month after I started the insulin routine, I did my usual injection and almost immediately could ‘taste’ the insulin in the back of my throat.  Went to bed, as usual. Unusually, about 2 hours later I woke up with my heart racing, sweating like I’d just walked to the starting corrals at Disney (haha!) and shaking. I knew something was wrong so grabbed my glucose meter. First indication that I was in trouble was that I couldn’t figure out how to use the meter. Eventually I got it together enough to test and my blood sugar had dropped to 25. Now, my doctor would get worried if I fell below 65 or so, so I KNEW this was bad. At the time I had small cans of real soda in my fridge so I drank one and waited for the magic. Then I had some milk and waited some more. I may have had some candy around at the time and had that as well. Slowly my numbers crawled back into normal ranges and I went to bed.

Since then, it hadn’t happened again. Until last night. I had that same taste in my throat as I went to bed so grabbed some leftover jellybeans from Easter. Just in case. And then a couple of hours later, it happened. I woke up, heart pounding,sweating, and shaky. This time I had more of my wits about me and tested and was low – 37.

The difference this time was social media. I made a random comment on the Twitters that my sugars were low and that I would call 911 if it didn’t come up. Then I put my phone down and started eating jelly beans. And waiting. And testing. And eating more jelly beans. And waiting. And eventually my symptoms went away and my numbers returned to low normal numbers. And I went back to sleep.

Until the door bell rang. And Phred started barking. And I looked at the clock and it was 1-ish in the am. The bell rang again. And then again. Finally I figured I should get up and see what was going on. Looked out the window and there  was a Middletown police car in my driveway.

My first thought was “oh shit”. Figured either they had the wrong house or someone’s dog was out.

As I was heading downstairs, they turned their big spotlight on lighting up my whole bedroom and rang the bell again! I opened the door to a young officer. After some initial confusion we confirmed that someone from Indiana had called and they were concerned – and THEN the lightbulb went on (I’m sure the handsome young officer saw it go on!) and realized that I should probably check back in on Twitter.

Special props to Kate and Patty for getting in touch with my local police department. And Jenn for, as always, being there even from Mexico.

As soon as I realized that these fabulous women were worried I checked in.

I don’t think I can apologize enough for making them worry — and there are no words to express how thankful I am to them and how much I appreciate their concern. And can’t wait to give both of them a huge hug the next time we are running Disney together!!

Thanks so very much Kate and Patty. Ya’ll are AMAZING and I’m very lucky to have ladies like you watching my back


Legends Were Born Here!!

11 Apr

Exciting to see these signs when I was out walking Phred the week before the race!

This weekend, I was really proud of my adopted hometown.

First off, I have to say, that I LOVE the little town I live in. We’ve actually been voted to have the most romantic Main Street in America. I can’t attest to that but I can say that it’s a really great Main Street!

The race – the Hartford Marathon Foundation, Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half Marathon and Legends 4-Miler (phew!)0 was a late starter (11:30 I think!) and when I got to the end of Main Street where packet pickup was taking place there was a really festive atmosphere. I learned late last week that runDisney coach Jeff Galloway would be joining his old college roommate Amby Burfoot and Bill Rodgers in the half marathon so I was kind of excited to say hi!


Running Legends and Wesleyan alums

Picked up my bib, found Meg and eventually Kim, and we went over to the tent to see the Legends! Now, lately I’ve just been tossing my race bibs (if they aren’t from Disney) but I had Jeff and Bill sign this one, so it’s a keeper!




And, I committed to #Dopey15 out loud to Coach Galloway so…I’m committed!!

On to the actual race. There was a 4-Miler and a Half Marathon. I live here, so I knew about the hills. And the half had lots of extra hills! So I picked the 4-miler!! Oh…there were hills in this one too. In fact, within the first quarter mile we hit one of the biggies!



Big crowds, big hills!

It was really a pretty course (but I knew it would be!) and there were some folks out watching and cheering. Once we left “downtown” we hit roads that I use for training so it was all familiar terrain. There were a few more pretty significant (to me) hills and I admit that I was was thrilled to get back into town and hit the final downhill. The finish line on Main Street was a welcome sight! Once I crossed and got my medal, I grabbed some snacks (and said hi to Kim who was serving snacks!) I hurried back to the car. My plan was to head home, grab Phred and go cheer on Meg and Sara who were running the half – and the 8 mile mark was right up from my house! Traffic was kind of not great but once I got close to home things opened up and I actually had plenty of time before I saw them heading up the street! Then it was back to the house, hop in the car and back to the finish line!!


Meg and Sara in the distance!!

And ya’ll know I’m all about the post-race goodies, right?! Well, they did it right this time! NoRa Cupcakes, Eli Cannon pulled pork, Mondo pizza, tasty little baguettes!  In addition to the actual race provided snacks for runners, there were also food trucks lining the street next to the park (we didn’t hit any of those but they all looked really good!!)

Eventually it was time to say good bye to my running pals after another really great weekend! But we’d definitely be doing this again. And again!!



Another Kim Markey original photo!!

Overall, I think this was a great event and I do hope it comes back year after year! There was really a sense of excitement along Main Street, it is a beautiful (but hilly!) course, and the post-race snacks were amazing. PLUS having the Wesleyan Legends there was amazing!! The only thing I think I would change is making sure that someone is monitoring the street closures – LOTS of cars were going around barricades and ignoring speed limits which put runners in danger. I know that the Hartford Marathon Foundation was looking for volunteers as late as Saturday afternoon so hopefully there will be more excitement around this next year and the volunteers will flock to help out!!


If You’re Lucky Enough to Be Irish….

21 Mar

You’re lucky enough!!

Zazzle dot com

Thank you!!

And even though St. Patrick’s Day has passed, there’s some St. Paddy reporting to be done!!

Each year, the Hartford Marathon Foundation puts on the O’Races! This year, as an added bonus, they added medals. And at the end of it all, if you did all three races, you’d end up with a fabulous “key” to put all of the medals together. So…of course I was doing all three!!

First up was the O’Putnam – the weekend BEFORE the weekend before St. Pat’s Day. Now, Putnam is way up in the Northeastern part of my tiny state! My friend Kim – at Maker Mother Marathon Runner – had just had surgery and was told no big driving so we were going to met at my house and drive up together. So, of course, minutes before she got here (luckily since I had told her the WRONG STREET!!) I went to pull the car out of the garage and it wouldn’t start!! I felt AWFUL – but Kim happily agreed to drive and we decided if she was not up to driving back then I would take care of that.

So after what seemed like a bazillion years, we finally made it up to Putnam, grabbed our bibs and super great hats and decided to hang out in the sponsoring bar to wait for the start. Kathy was coming over from RI and had a much shorter drive. We ended up meeting her at the starting line. By the way, Putnam is a really cute little town with a great bakery/coffee shop and a dive bar or two!


Me and Kim, reppin’ the Sparkle Athletics!

The air horn went off and we all went on to finish our own races! I didn’t do TOO bad — at least I’m guessing – since my watch wouldn’t work. Side note- I might need to replace my 15 year old Garmin soon…

Now, these St. Patrick’s Day races all have one thing in common — that’s right. Beer. Not green beer. Just plain old beer! And, you’d be surprised (or maybe not!) how tasty a beer tastes at x o’clock after a short run! They were also offering corned beef sandwiches but I passed on that for this race.

After chatting with Kathy and her husband for a bit, and getting in some dog petting, Kim and I headed back home and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate her driving when she thought she wouldn’t be!!

The big weekend is actually the one closest to St. Patrick’s Day is the biggie. A 2 5K weekend!


Pre-Race hijinks with Meg, Kim and Kathy!

First up – the O’Niantic in…Niantic CT — down on the shore, it’s a cute little town. Kim and Meg (we met her before at Princess but in case you forgot, you can find her at Runaway Royalty — and definitely check out her recap of this weekend! Link down below!) came to my house since it’s really on the way down south and we headed down to the shore. We were there early, got bibs and hats (I missed out on this one  -BOO!) and then went to sit in Dunkin to pass the time. Kathy met us there and we eventually headed to the start line (via the potties – which we ended up asking a store owner if we could use his and he kindly let us!) where there was not a lot of waiting for things to get going!

Meg and I stuck together for the first mile or so…then she was feelin’ it and took off during a walk break for me! I was having some wheezing thing going on which was not exactly new but completely unexpected!! It’s a gorgeous course through a residential neighborhood  with a hill or two thrown in…which means one good downhill!! 😉


Showing off some more bling! And our great caps!

Kathy finished, then Meg finished and it made me happy to see her face when I headed across the finish line  – then we waited for Kim, who wasn’t too far behind me!  Again, St. Pat’s = Beer so we headed to the After Party at a local restaurant! Today our snack offerings were chili, bananas and some fantastic granola! Which was good to have while we waited in Line. For. Beer!!


‘Tis the season…the beer season!

Eventually got a beer and found a place to keep warm and enjoy our beers before heading home again!  Kathy was gonna spend the night instead of going home  so we grabbed a(nother) beer and watched some DVR’d shows before going out to lunch at the diner around the corner. It was an EARLY night – cause we’re old and it had been a long day!

On Sunday, we were happy that the race wasn’t starting until 1 in the afternoon. After a relaxing morning and breakfast we headed downtown. Where it was FA.REEZING! Seriously, with the wind it had to be in the  20’s. Thank goodness for another knit hat!! We met up with Kim (and her kids!) and Meg in the XL Center, out of the wind but eventually had to head outside.


Hey! Where are you? I’m outside in the green cap!!

This race is the biggest of the whole series and it was a sea of green out on Trumbull. Today we all started separately, knowing that we’d meet up at the finish!

I had a fun time, and did a little better than the day before. Slow and steady — I think that’s what will help me improve and get back to where I used to be! The sun was shining and once we got moving it warmed up pretty well.  Lots of people out on the streets of Hartford made for an interesting run too!


The State Capital — in the right light that dome is BLINDING!


I love this arch — love it!

Crossing the finish line, I saw Meg in the food line and got a text from Kathy that she was picking up my medal “clip” — see, for the first time ever, for the three O’Races, Hartford Marathon Foundation gave out medals – and at the last one, we got a clip to hold all three together!


Three Medals — very pretty on their own…


And when you put them all together…gorgeous!!

Really fun and some nice Bling! Kim and Kathy eventually got in line with Meg while I grabbed my beer and then joined them.


Freezing cold bling!

We grabbed our corned beef sandwiches and tried to find someplace indoors — trying the XL Center and immediately getting kicked out so they could lock up! Kim ended heading to her car while those of us who didn’t bring our kids (that we don’t have!) headed to the nearest pub!

Had a great time having another beer and chatting with the girls – eventually though, even the most fun weekends have to wind down and that’s what happened to this one. I will say though that I had the MOST amazing time! I’m generally a lone runner but it’s always nice to know you’ve got friends out on the course and, in my case, waiting at the finish! I loved the weekends’ races and can’t wait to run with my girls again!!

And for ANOTHER great recap of our weekend check out Meg’s blog at Runaway Royalty  – she’s got some great pictures too!

Time to Shop!!! Princess Half Marathon Weekend – Part 2

13 Mar
Princess Half Weekend 034

This is where things start to get exciting….

Yeah…if you know me – and if you read along long enough you’ll know me more than you probably want to! – I’m not a big shopper. Seriously, I have clothes in my closet that I bought when I moved to the East Coast. TEN YEARS AGO!! 🙂 And I have no problem with that!! Really, there are a couple of reasons I hate shopping and one of them is that I’m not a huge fan of spending money!! (I prefer to spend on experiences, not things!) The other is way more personal!

ANYWAY. I got up early Thursday morning to get to the Expo. Lately, at runDisney events, the expos have been kind of out-of-control frenzies…and I don’t deal well with that! And, really people, all I want is a magnet, a wine glass and a coffee mug (yes, if you’ve read my race recaps you already KNOW this is what I’m going in for!)

When I got to the bus stop I saw a “familiar” face. I was FINALLY able to meet fellow CT runner/#runnerslove(r) Meg (aka @WarsawMermaid, AKA Runaway Royalty Meg). I am almost ashamed to admit that we’ve been at some of the same SMALL events in CT and never managed to meet!! Those days are gone though. Sorry Meg! 🙂 I also got to meet #runnerslove(r) Kristy (aka @KristyrunsKato, AKA Kristy Runs Kato ) and we chatted on the bus over to Wide World of Sports.

We were probably on one of the first buses to head over to Wide World of Sports and when we got there the expo seemed to have opened early. I had a very small moment of panic but then took a deep breath and headed in!

Princess Half Weekend 018

Gotta love an empty store!! much as one can love a store 🙂

My first stop was the runDisney merch booth (as usual) but after picking up my wine glass(es)! and coffee mug

both wine glasses 2014 Princess

Princess coffee mug 2014

Cute mug!!

I realized my hands were full and I would need a basket. A basket people!!! There’s a tear in the matrix or something…

Princess Half Weekend 017


We had been looking at some things on the interwebs on the bus ride over and I had to look at the really cute zipper hoodies. They are really soft inside.

Princess Half Weekend 019


This one is mine 🙂

And. The “I Did It” t-shirts. Not a purchase I usually make….but these were pretty cute!!

I Did It Princess 2014

And, well of course, my magnet!


Let me say, Thank you Disney Visa for your 10% off – hey, every little bit helps!!

Then it was off to pick up my bibs and gear! Things were really pretty conveniently set up — All Glass Slipper Challenge could be picked up in almost one spot! The 5K pickup was more spread out but…a second spin though the expo floor isn’t a bad thing!

I mean, one can get their ankle taped up at the KTTape booth…

Princess Half Weekend 024

New England legs in the winter!

One can even become a fairy…

Princess Half Weekend 022

I tried to walk away with the pretty tiara but I didn’t get very far….

But — I had a lot planned for the afternoon so it was time to bring my belongings back to the room and head out to visit a park or two!! Then there was a meetup later that evening that I was really looking forward to!

On the way out, I stopped by the Oikos van

Princess Half Weekend 035

— hoping to pick up a little John Stamos for the afternoon but, alas…they were just offering yogurt…

stamos yogurt

Talk about disappointing…

See ya on the road!!!

Princess Half Weekend 038

Looking Ahead!

2 Feb

sunday jubileehotel

So, it’s Sunday and I’m going to do something new.  I’m going to plan my week ahead of time – I’m gonna MAKE things happen and not just let them happen TO me!! Or something like that 😉

Anyway, tonight is a big night on TV – lots of great new commercials that we’ve all seen on YouTube and Facebook this week will ‘premier’ during a football game. The game itself is supposed to kick off at 6:30 but I imagine coverage will start sometime around 11 tonight…But, our favorite Puppy Bowl starts earlier and runs all day!

I’ve picked up my Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and let me tell you, I don’t want to EVER go so long without working out again. She is KILLING ME!! But … I’m not dead yet! So my plan this week is to do her Level 1 workout Monday Tuesday and Wednesday morning after taking the Phred for a walk.

This week I’m also going to head back down to Texas for a few days — a couple with my dad and then, over the weekend, a reunion with a few of my sorority sisters! So really excited for this!! I just saw Susie last year when I was in Disneyland for the #DumboDoubleDar and it’s probably been over a year since I’ve seen Ann (who happens to live in Houston so that’s crazy!!) and I haven’t seen Janet since back when Duran Duran were really hot! Unfortunately a couple of the other girls can’t make it but we’ll be doing this again for sure!

adpi jpgreek dot com

Letters from

So today is a day for packing and cleaning and getting ready for the week! And enjoying the spring-like weather outside – though our friend Phil in Punxsutawney says we have 6 more weeks of winter. Some of us say Yay!! Some of us…well, we don’t!

Make this a great Sunday and don’t forget to get out there and


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