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Happy Autumn!!!

24 Sep

happy fall yall

Yes yes, I know you’re surprised that I’m a day late with my Welcome to Autumn post! 😉


I know there are a lot of folks who are sad to see summer end…I mean, I am too. But…ya know, not terribly so! I love summer. I also love autumn. And winter. And spring!! I LOVE seasons – which is why I had to move out of Southern California! No offense intended at all, but…buying a Christmas tree wearing shorts, flipflops and a t-shirt does not scream “Happy Holidays” to me 🙂

Anyway, I digress!


After all my whining on Sunday about my own inability to follow through on my training plan, I figure Autumn is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf! (See what I did there?!)

So yesterday after work I headed out for the scheduled 3 miles — and managed to put up 3.5. Granted, that last .2 or so were run in circles in front of my house (even numbers and all!). I’m glad I got out there for sure! I’m discovering that my first half mile is the toughest so once I power through that it’s all good. Plus, there’s this…


And this….


And it’s only going to get better!! In fact, I’m actually getting pretty excited about my upcoming long runs since they’ll really take me out in the “country”!!

So — Happy Fall Ya’ll! Get out and enjoy the beauty this season brings!!

Oh, and about all the Pumpkin? I have to say I do enjoy a tasty pumpkin pie (slice! A slice!) and my mom’s Pumpkin cookies? (Definitely more than one!) but I don’t get all the excitement about pumpkin *EVERYTHING*!! Then I tried this for breakfast today ….


And, while I’m not gonna go out now and go Pumpkin Latte crazy, a little pumpkin Noosa makes for a nice occasional treat!


Time to Shop!!! Princess Half Marathon Weekend – Part 2

13 Mar
Princess Half Weekend 034

This is where things start to get exciting….

Yeah…if you know me – and if you read along long enough you’ll know me more than you probably want to! – I’m not a big shopper. Seriously, I have clothes in my closet that I bought when I moved to the East Coast. TEN YEARS AGO!! 🙂 And I have no problem with that!! Really, there are a couple of reasons I hate shopping and one of them is that I’m not a huge fan of spending money!! (I prefer to spend on experiences, not things!) The other is way more personal!

ANYWAY. I got up early Thursday morning to get to the Expo. Lately, at runDisney events, the expos have been kind of out-of-control frenzies…and I don’t deal well with that! And, really people, all I want is a magnet, a wine glass and a coffee mug (yes, if you’ve read my race recaps you already KNOW this is what I’m going in for!)

When I got to the bus stop I saw a “familiar” face. I was FINALLY able to meet fellow CT runner/#runnerslove(r) Meg (aka @WarsawMermaid, AKA Runaway Royalty Meg). I am almost ashamed to admit that we’ve been at some of the same SMALL events in CT and never managed to meet!! Those days are gone though. Sorry Meg! 🙂 I also got to meet #runnerslove(r) Kristy (aka @KristyrunsKato, AKA Kristy Runs Kato ) and we chatted on the bus over to Wide World of Sports.

We were probably on one of the first buses to head over to Wide World of Sports and when we got there the expo seemed to have opened early. I had a very small moment of panic but then took a deep breath and headed in!

Princess Half Weekend 018

Gotta love an empty store!! much as one can love a store 🙂

My first stop was the runDisney merch booth (as usual) but after picking up my wine glass(es)! and coffee mug

both wine glasses 2014 Princess

Princess coffee mug 2014

Cute mug!!

I realized my hands were full and I would need a basket. A basket people!!! There’s a tear in the matrix or something…

Princess Half Weekend 017


We had been looking at some things on the interwebs on the bus ride over and I had to look at the really cute zipper hoodies. They are really soft inside.

Princess Half Weekend 019


This one is mine 🙂

And. The “I Did It” t-shirts. Not a purchase I usually make….but these were pretty cute!!

I Did It Princess 2014

And, well of course, my magnet!


Let me say, Thank you Disney Visa for your 10% off – hey, every little bit helps!!

Then it was off to pick up my bibs and gear! Things were really pretty conveniently set up — All Glass Slipper Challenge could be picked up in almost one spot! The 5K pickup was more spread out but…a second spin though the expo floor isn’t a bad thing!

I mean, one can get their ankle taped up at the KTTape booth…

Princess Half Weekend 024

New England legs in the winter!

One can even become a fairy…

Princess Half Weekend 022

I tried to walk away with the pretty tiara but I didn’t get very far….

But — I had a lot planned for the afternoon so it was time to bring my belongings back to the room and head out to visit a park or two!! Then there was a meetup later that evening that I was really looking forward to!

On the way out, I stopped by the Oikos van

Princess Half Weekend 035

— hoping to pick up a little John Stamos for the afternoon but, alas…they were just offering yogurt…

stamos yogurt

Talk about disappointing…

See ya on the road!!!

Princess Half Weekend 038

What’s In Your Fridge?! A Linkstravaganza!

25 Jul

What’s in my Fridge? Well…let’s start from the top!


Top shelf:
Milk – from Stew’s , 1%. It’s the only kind I drink
Flavored syrups for baking (and occasional adult cocktail experimentation)
Powerade Zero – grape this week
Sparkling water
Coconut milk
Lemon juice
Bloody Mary Mix
Margarita Mix
Wet Washcloths in a baggie (for the dog’s current owie/itchie situation)



2 Diet Cokes
Dill pickle relish
Margarine (used for baking)
Butter (used for baking AND eating!)
Sugar Free Jam
Half a lime



Canned Pumpkin
Bits (On this shelf it’s Recovery Bits)
Pasta Sauce
Cottage Cheese
Another Powerade (blue flavor)
Various Marmalades

Oh, and that meat drawer? Full of, basically, cheese and salami. And some pepperoni. And maybe a small bag of M&Ms…

Bottom Shelf – At Last!!


More yogurt
More Bits (here we have Energy Bits)
Dog Fud
Acai Juice
Cherries (for the occasional adult beverage)
Pickled Beets in a jar.

Top Veg Drawer –


Some bags of salad
Lemons and limes
Cut up pineapple and cantaloupe that should probably be tossed!

Bottom Fruit Drawer –


Coconut is a fruit isn’t it?!



Condiment heaven – I couldn’t name them all if I tried!
Also, insulin



Frozen stuff.
Mostly meats and veggies
Scraps of bread for making crostinis to go with the hummus in the fridge!

So…now that you know EVERYTHING that’s in my fridge, what’s in yours?!

You can also see what some of my friends keep in theirs if you go to Running With Ollie – she started it!! There’s a bunch of links at the bottom of the page to keep you entertained!!

Race Review – Hartford’s Red Dress Run for Women

7 Jul

FINALLY!! What this blog’s all about!! Some running stuff!  Let me start by saying this was

And yes, I know it’s only going to get hotter before it gets cold again but…whoa! 

Each year, the Hartford Marathon Foundation holds the Red Dress Run for Women in Elizabeth Park which is quite famous for it’s rose gardens. And rightly so! They are really gorgeous. Though at this time of year they don’t tend to be in full beautiful bloom – but there’s definitely enough rosey beauty to enjoy! And a gorgeous gazebo! There must have been a wedding here last night because the ground was covered with heart shaped glitter!



5K – starting in the park, running through the neighborhood and then back in the park! Great course with the obligatory “I HATE YOU” hills 🙂 Lots of women of all ages – and…now that I think of it, I didn’t see any men running today. Were there men registered? I don’t know! Will have to find that out!!


Was wearing a lot of my favorite things today! From the bottoms of my feet to my shirt! New Balance runDisney shoes, KT Tape holding my foot to my ankle, Team Sparkle skirt – in black – and my Raw Threads “bow” tank! And, of course, in my belly, Energy Bits and later, a Power Crunch bar in chocolate.



Anyway – got lots of water in before starting. Left my watch at home – not 100% intentionally! It was nice to start off in the shade and a lot of the course actually is pretty shady and on a day like today, every little bit helps!

Parking is at UCONN and buses run you up to the park and back. There’s a little health fair type thing going on at the start/finish area – picked up some Ola Granola samples. YUMS! Will be great in a fruit and yogurt parfait.

The HMF always does a really great job with the post-race snacks! Today was a strawberry / yogurt parfait (back when I first did this race a few years ago it was strawberry shortcake and some amazing Panera sugar cookies!!) – and I bet it was that great Ola Granola that was adding crunch!


Once I ate half my parfait I hopped on the bus and sweated my way back to my car (thank you remote starter for getting my car cooled off before I got in!).

What did you run this weekend?! And how hot was it?

PS – Don’t you just love a race director with a sense of humor?


….off the wagon…

12 Jun

Well, it happened….


Tonight I stopped to pick up some bananas and grapes (and check out the apples) on my way home from work…

grape and bananas

Then these fell into my basket….

stews greek yogurt

And this….


Still haven’t opened them so I could return them..

Strange the things that tempted me when I was surrounded by donuts and pies and pizzas and cupcakes…

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