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What’s In Your Fridge?! A Linkstravaganza!

25 Jul

What’s in my Fridge? Well…let’s start from the top!


Top shelf:
Milk – from Stew’s , 1%. It’s the only kind I drink
Flavored syrups for baking (and occasional adult cocktail experimentation)
Powerade Zero – grape this week
Sparkling water
Coconut milk
Lemon juice
Bloody Mary Mix
Margarita Mix
Wet Washcloths in a baggie (for the dog’s current owie/itchie situation)



2 Diet Cokes
Dill pickle relish
Margarine (used for baking)
Butter (used for baking AND eating!)
Sugar Free Jam
Half a lime



Canned Pumpkin
Bits (On this shelf it’s Recovery Bits)
Pasta Sauce
Cottage Cheese
Another Powerade (blue flavor)
Various Marmalades

Oh, and that meat drawer? Full of, basically, cheese and salami. And some pepperoni. And maybe a small bag of M&Ms…

Bottom Shelf – At Last!!


More yogurt
More Bits (here we have Energy Bits)
Dog Fud
Acai Juice
Cherries (for the occasional adult beverage)
Pickled Beets in a jar.

Top Veg Drawer –


Some bags of salad
Lemons and limes
Cut up pineapple and cantaloupe that should probably be tossed!

Bottom Fruit Drawer –


Coconut is a fruit isn’t it?!



Condiment heaven – I couldn’t name them all if I tried!
Also, insulin



Frozen stuff.
Mostly meats and veggies
Scraps of bread for making crostinis to go with the hummus in the fridge!

So…now that you know EVERYTHING that’s in my fridge, what’s in yours?!

You can also see what some of my friends keep in theirs if you go to Running With Ollie – she started it!! There’s a bunch of links at the bottom of the page to keep you entertained!!

Let’s Go Coconuts!!

5 Jul

**Samples Provided by Zola for purposes of Review but the opinions are my own!**


Goodies from Zola!!

I have had bad experiences with coconut water in the past. Like, gag reflex kicks in bad experiences…I mean, I want to like it cause it’s got good stuff for you. But…

So, when I got the chance to try the Zola coconut water I jumped on it – maybe this would be the winner! I came home from work one day to a package on my steps – always an exciting event! Opened it up to find some goodies from Zola. A can of coconut water, a can of coconut water with pulp(?) and a bottle of Acai juice! And – bonus! – a pair of cool green sunglasses!!

I put the water and juice in the fridge and the sunglasses on my face!     IMAG0989

I’ve lately had some pretty bad cramping in my feet and legs at night and I knew that part of the problem was likely dehydration and part nutrition (since Whole30 hadn’t caught up with me yet!)

One of the big benefits of coconut water is that it is a great hydration product AND it contains almost as much potassium as a banana – could this be just what I need?!

Flash forward a week or so and I came home from Bikram thinking this would be the PERFECT time to give my Zola a taste test! So I pulled out the non-pulp can and poured it out.     IMAG0991 

At the first sip, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought but the more I sipped, the more I liked it. It’s definitely more refreshing than plain water. I still don’t know that I’m a coconut water convert though…

Next up was the juice – I’ve never tried Acai juice before so had no expectations one way or another. I don’t drink a lot of juice since it doesn’t go well with diabetes, but I could definitely see adding this to my diet. It wasn’t at all what I expected – I was thinking it would be tart like cranberry juice but it was really smooth! Tasty!!


Zola Acai Juice — you should put this in your belly!

Finally, after an early morning Bikram class I gave the coconut water with pulp a shot! Eh. I’m not a pulp fan so this didn’t do anything for me. But I bet it would be good in a smoothie or …I don’t know, maybe make oatmeal with it? 


Zola Coconut Water with Pulp

My conclusion is that I may not be a coconut water person – at least not as a regular form of hydration/re-hydration. But of all the coconut waters I’ve tried, Zola is one I would definitely drink again. And I bet it would be useful in a smoothie or something? But that Acai juice? Oh yeah – I’m a HUGE fan!! 

Where to buy:

You can use their Store Locator to find your nearest retailer, or you can buy it right online at their Website!

You can Like Zola Acai on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and InstaGram

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