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I Got a Job!!!

5 Mar

new job

So, if you haven’t been following along, ever since I moved to the East Coast from California I’ve done contract work. And for the first 4 years or so I had really steady work, with no breaks – or very short ones – between contracts. Since 2008, though, it seems like I’ve been unemployed a LOT!

Which of course leads to taking jobs that maybe aren’t the best.

On that count I’ve been fairly lucky. Even when the situation maybe started out bad it improved before long.

Anyway…my last contract ended in November (the day before my birthday actually!) and I’ve been looking for something new ever since.

And it finally came along!

I’ve completed all of the paperwork and tomorrow I’ll go take my drug test. Then I’ll start in another week. It’s not working at home like this last one, but that’s okay.

My plan is to try to get back into some sort of normal, adult routine over the next week so that it isn’t a complete shock to my system to re-enter the real world!

Happy happy happy to be back at it – will certainly miss spending all day every day with my pal Phred though! But I think that will just make us appreciate each other more, right? 🙂


This is my view for a big part of my sitting at home days….



Phred looking a little more alert!!

I mean, who wouldn’t miss this face??

But we’ll both be a lot happier knowing that he won’t run out of treats any time soon 🙂


Did Someone Say Cake?!

3 Sep

The Birthday Boy

Earlier this week – well, Monday to be specific – we celebrated my dad’s birthday out at my older brother’s house.

My youngest nephew. Colin, made ribs — and, oddly enough I didn’t take many/any pictures of the deliciousness!! However, I did manage to get a shot of my Phred enjoying a bit of smokey BBQ goodness!!


Phred does not often have such meaty goodness in his face!

And, of course there was cake. If you don’t know yet, I have to say that I. LOVE. CAKE. Preferably (pay attention if you want to stalk/woo me with cakey goodness!!) white cake with buttercream frosting. I’m really not a huge fan of chocolate cake. And if you REALLY want to impress me, find a place that makes those old very sugar-y not quite hard but a little crunchy frosting flowers.

But I digress.

We had birthday cake.


Cake with candle holes 🙂

And we also had candles.


Miscellaneous candles

And at one point the candles were on the cake AND lit! But of course, no picture again!

My sister also brought my dad a Birthday Dutch Apple Pie – which is still in the refrigerator at his house!!

After dinner we watched a little TV and then my brother’s deer feeder went off and the dogs were brought in! And the deer showed up.


Lots of them!

And one of them was non-too pleased about having me taking pictures of his family!!

All in all it was a pretty great day! It’s always nice to spend time with family!

Hope your enjoying your week — and we’re on the downhill slope to the weekend!!! 




A Change of Pace!

21 Aug

When I first started this blog thing, I assumed I would write a lot about my best pal, Earnest Phred. But I really haven’t other than a mention here and there. So today, instead of telling you about my awesome run Tuesday, let’s change things up a little. Cause this happened, and it was cute

As I was lacing up to get my 45 minutes in, I heard some shuffling outside of my front door and when I headed out, this fell onto the floor


Re-enactment of the note dropping, complete with toes!

Hm…I am learning that my neighbor kids are quite entrepreneurial this summer!

I headed out to take Phred for his walk after scrounging up 5 dollars cash money – I figured he could use a little freshening up and …hey, the kids need some encouragement! They had set up a little card table right along the walking path that goes through my ‘hood, with the bandanas neatly laid out and the pitcher of Kool-Aid. For the humans. And I’m bummed I didn’t take a picture of it. But trust me. Cute!! The girls had even made name-tags for themselves! Again, bummed about no picture.

While I was talking to one of the moms, a family came over with their gorgeous Ruby – who had no idea what was in store but she was pretty happy to see all the kids and a couple of other dogs! Until she saw the pool.


Ruby getting cleaned up

Phred, meanwhile, decided he wanted to watch the show…


Ain’t NOBODY got time for a kiddie pool

Eventually I got him moving and we went on our walk and when we got back to the girls they had developed a new system that did not involve putting the dogs in the pool!!




A then picked out a green bandana for Phred and he just trotted off, ignoring the treat they had offered him (much as I expected he would!). Then he TORE towards his own backyard – not captured on camera because it was unexpected!! And he’s a fast little bugger when he wants to be!!


Little did I know that nano-seconds after this was taken that the leash would almost be torn out of my hand when he took off to home!!

I really hope these girls decide to do something like this again next summer — they really did a great job of putting it together. Apparently boredom got the best of them Tuesday afternoon and they set this up in a couple of hours. And I’m thinking they washed quite a few dogs!!

And Phred certainly was content!!



The Week With Two Fridays!

4 Jul

Yesterday was a busy busy day. And, contrary to popular belief (or, maybe it was just me) it was NOT Friday!


Started the day with a 6 am Bikram class – Great way to start the day! I was working from home which worked out great for the next bit of excitement!


It was bath day for the little mister! And, my first big splurge after starting my new job was having the mobile groomer come to the house – she was FAST! And, she did a great job giving him his summer “puppy cut”. And, as most everyone always does, she loved the Phred. He even got a great decoration for his collar. (if you’re in my area, I highly recommend Wagging Tails for your furry friends!)


Celebrating America’s Birthday!


Presenting Mr. Earnest Phred and his beautiful summer ‘do

My next adventure was an attempt to donate blood. I had a mailing when I got home Tuesday and there was a drive going on at a local car dealer – if I timed it right and didn’t have to wait forever then it would work out!!


How it works….


My view while donating blood


The after. Sometimes they’ll draw a better picture..not just dots!

Success!! In and out in about an hour which might be a record!! Given that summers are low blood donation months – for several reasons – and there seems to be a greater need for blood and blood products in the summer, I suggest you get yourself down to a local Blood Drive. Find one at Red Cross and sign up!! You get cookies!! 

Which gave me time to go home and walk the dog before heading off for my annual mammogram at my local outpatient center.


The Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center and Outpatient Center. Also, Radiology

They gave me a fancy outfit to put on and set to getting things done. I didn’t even have time to hang out in the waiting room.


The pants were mine…and I’m pretty sure taking pictures was breaking the rules!

Another quick trip! I find that if I go in the evening, there’s no waiting to go in and no waiting to get “films” read – though it’s all online so there are really no films anymore. Just time to go home and wait another year!

Hope everyone enjoyed their bonus Friday this week!!

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