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Thankful Thursday — on Friday!

20 Sep


It’s no longer Thursday….but I’m still thankful!!

Went back to Bikram tonight after quite a long break – I really needed it, physically and mentally.


I’m thankful that my body still knew what to do, even if it couldn’t do it so well. Thankful for the teacher who made the class fun. Well, as fun as 90 minutes in 104 degrees can be! And I’m thankful that the studio is a short walk from the office and I was able to purchase a package that will give me access to the classes for my last 2 weeks at work for the price of one class!

**Note people – if you’re gonna try Bikram, even if you think you might only make it to one or two classes, look at the introductory packages! You’ll save a bit of coinage!! **

Hope you found something in your day yesterday to be thankful for!

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

8 Jul


Today is my one year anniversary at my local Bikram studio! While I haven’t gone as consistently as I would like – in fact, after my first month trial it took me another month to suck it up and sign up for a full year – I have seen improvement. I can *almost* get my leg up in Standing Head to Knee pose!


Standing Head to Knee Pose

And, Triangle Pose? This is the apex of the series — after this, everything slows down…and you really are happy about that!!


Triangle Pose

My big Bikram nemesis these days though is the deceptively simple looking Awkward Pose. I am not known for my balance and that’s what this one is all about!!

awkward pose


So, while I’ve improved there’s still room for more improvement – in Bikram it’s all about making the effort to see the results. As long as you’re trying correctly you’re doing it right!

I’ve set a pretty big goal for the rest of my year long practice (which ends on Sept 18) and am looking forward to getting even better in another year!

And on this Monday morning take a small moment to just be quiet and breathe. Deep and slow. It’s a perfect way to start your day!!


Let the Training Begin!!!

10 Jun


The Dumbo Double Dare is 80 Days away!! Eighty Days! 12 weeks out.

To get ready I am following the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon Training Program – Today was a rest day!! Woot!! The real work starts tomorrow and I am really very eager to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow and get out there. In the rain, probably. But I’m really super excited!!

Part of my cross-training will be getting back into the Hot Room at my Bikram studio – this will help keep me stretched out and hopefully keep me from getting injured! And the schedule works pretty well with races that I’ve already registered for so that’s some additional incentive.


 And, in case you weren’t one of the lucky ones who got into the runDisney Princess Half Marathon or the Glass Slipper Challenge through pre-registration, full registration opens tomorrow for the remaining spots!

A great way to be prepared is to set up an account at if you don’t already have one – this way, all your personal information will fill in automatically.
Also, your bib for Princess is themed to one of the Disney Princesses so you might want to start thinking about who you’re gonna rep on race day!


 And, if you are still not completely convinced that this is the kind of fun you like, watch Julie’s video – from Run.Walk.FASTPASS.Repeat – then tell me this doesn’t look like a really great time!! 

So get ready to get your tiara and glitter on!!! It’s a weekend you’ll never forget!!

You Can Do Anything For 10 Seconds!!

20 May


A couple of years ago I bought a 30 days for 30 dollars trial at a Bikram studio near my office (at that time). I actually enjoyed it and kept planning to go back. Fast forward (or…ya know, slowly wait out) that next couple of years when I saw a sign on Main Street in my town that there was an actual Bikram studio opening up RIGHT HERE! So I got another 30 days for 30 dollars package last summer and went quite a few times. And wanted to continue since it IS so convenient and it helps with my running – I fully credit my quick recovery from this year’s Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World with the Bikram I’ve been doing.

I think what I enjoy so much is that it *is* the same thing every time. No thinking required. It’s also a perfect place to practice “Progress Not Perfection” — and I’m good at that!! While the postures and the dialog is the same every time, no two classes are the same. And since I’m doing the same poses every time, I can see when I make progress and when maybe I have a bad day..

There’s definitely something about walking into the hot room for the first time that is overwhelming…there is a very distinct smell to the room. It’s not completely unpleasant, but it’s not roses baby!! And it’s not just a hot room. It’s a hot and humid room! Parts of you sweat that you didn’t even think HAD sweat glands!! Ears? You betcha!! Bottoms of your feet? Oh yeah! And, ladies, there is nothing “glistening” or “glowing” about what you’re doing — You are SWEATING!!! And, honestly, I love it!!

Well, the last few weeks I’ve been very haphazard about doing any kind of exercising and starting a new job has given me a little push to start up again. That, and I have a half marathon coming up in a couple of months and I’d REALLY like to work on getting my time better – it was a really slow year last year, and quite discouraging.  So tonight I headed back to the hot room and it does indeed feel good!

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to do a little revamping of things around here – back to Bikram, out running more and for super excitement, I – along with a few of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors, will be doing a Whole30 Challenge.  We thought it could supply some fun posts to see how I handle starting the challenge while on vacation…yeah…we may just see how many ways I can say “Oops….that beer fell into my cup”!  But more on that later!

As for doing anything for 10 Seconds? Yeah…this happened tonight  — 


Balancing Stick — You can do anything for 10 seconds!

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