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Race Review – Hartford’s Red Dress Run for Women

7 Jul

FINALLY!! What this blog’s all about!! Some running stuff!  Let me start by saying this was

And yes, I know it’s only going to get hotter before it gets cold again but…whoa! 

Each year, the Hartford Marathon Foundation holds the Red Dress Run for Women in Elizabeth Park which is quite famous for it’s rose gardens. And rightly so! They are really gorgeous. Though at this time of year they don’t tend to be in full beautiful bloom – but there’s definitely enough rosey beauty to enjoy! And a gorgeous gazebo! There must have been a wedding here last night because the ground was covered with heart shaped glitter!



5K – starting in the park, running through the neighborhood and then back in the park! Great course with the obligatory “I HATE YOU” hills 🙂 Lots of women of all ages – and…now that I think of it, I didn’t see any men running today. Were there men registered? I don’t know! Will have to find that out!!


Was wearing a lot of my favorite things today! From the bottoms of my feet to my shirt! New Balance runDisney shoes, KT Tape holding my foot to my ankle, Team Sparkle skirt – in black – and my Raw Threads “bow” tank! And, of course, in my belly, Energy Bits and later, a Power Crunch bar in chocolate.



Anyway – got lots of water in before starting. Left my watch at home – not 100% intentionally! It was nice to start off in the shade and a lot of the course actually is pretty shady and on a day like today, every little bit helps!

Parking is at UCONN and buses run you up to the park and back. There’s a little health fair type thing going on at the start/finish area – picked up some Ola Granola samples. YUMS! Will be great in a fruit and yogurt parfait.

The HMF always does a really great job with the post-race snacks! Today was a strawberry / yogurt parfait (back when I first did this race a few years ago it was strawberry shortcake and some amazing Panera sugar cookies!!) – and I bet it was that great Ola Granola that was adding crunch!


Once I ate half my parfait I hopped on the bus and sweated my way back to my car (thank you remote starter for getting my car cooled off before I got in!).

What did you run this weekend?! And how hot was it?

PS – Don’t you just love a race director with a sense of humor?


Let the Training Begin!!!

10 Jun


The Dumbo Double Dare is 80 Days away!! Eighty Days! 12 weeks out.

To get ready I am following the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon Training Program – Today was a rest day!! Woot!! The real work starts tomorrow and I am really very eager to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow and get out there. In the rain, probably. But I’m really super excited!!

Part of my cross-training will be getting back into the Hot Room at my Bikram studio – this will help keep me stretched out and hopefully keep me from getting injured! And the schedule works pretty well with races that I’ve already registered for so that’s some additional incentive.


 And, in case you weren’t one of the lucky ones who got into the runDisney Princess Half Marathon or the Glass Slipper Challenge through pre-registration, full registration opens tomorrow for the remaining spots!

A great way to be prepared is to set up an account at if you don’t already have one – this way, all your personal information will fill in automatically.
Also, your bib for Princess is themed to one of the Disney Princesses so you might want to start thinking about who you’re gonna rep on race day!


 And, if you are still not completely convinced that this is the kind of fun you like, watch Julie’s video – from Run.Walk.FASTPASS.Repeat – then tell me this doesn’t look like a really great time!! 

So get ready to get your tiara and glitter on!!! It’s a weekend you’ll never forget!!

National Running Day

5 Jun

Today is the one “official” day set aside to celebrate running – but most runners celebrate every time they hit the road! But there’s one day that EVERYONE can celebrate running. In fact, today would be a great day for someone who wants to run to start. It’s also a great day to keep the streak going – some of us may have been slacking on that but will definitely be catching up this weekend 😉


We all got started for a different reason and we all keep going for a different reason. Honestly, I keep trying because I know that I have rarely “given it my all” out there and each day I vow to do better. So I run. And, I really really love my couch. And I really really love the snacks that sometimes show up at my couch. However, my diabetic body doesn’t appreciate either of those things as much as I do. So I run. 

And I really really want to look like the top picture. And that takes work. So I run. Plus, I’ve met some really great people through running and that makes it easier to get out there!

I do what I can to make it fun. The best way to make it fun is to runDisney. I highly recommend running at least one Disney run event in your running career (though, to be honest, they’re like Lay’s® chips – you can’t run just one!) Plus – there is some AMAZING bling out there – if you’re into that sort of thing!


Today, to help you get started there are LOTS of deals out there on the interwebs –

$20 off of race entry at Rock-n-Roll – Rock-n-Roll Fun events, lots of music and some great locations. I know I’m going to register for Providence today, who’s joining me?!

10% off at any Diva race – Run Like a Diva Ladies focused, tiaras, boas and a champagne finish!

Free Shipping at National Running Center – National Running Center

I’m sure there are many more deals to be found today if you search!! Plus your area running stores will probably have groups out on the road tonight – check them out!! 

badge 2013

Do you run? Why do you run? You too can show off your reason with a nifty badge from here…Basno Badges

Not Quite Whole30

4 Jun

What is that they say the road to Hell is paved with? Oh yeah…


To be honest, I knew the first few days were not going to be good — not because I don’t want to do this (I do, I really do!) but because I was going to be out of my home and kitchen. I have been on vacation which to my dad means making sure I “eat enough”…and we don’t do a whole lot of cooking. It’s been a round of restaurant eating and beach parties!


12925177-spaghetti-pasta-with-tomato-beef-sauce-closeup               bbq sammich

On the bright side, I do think I’m at least making better choices when I am out. Mostly. Shared my hot dog(s) with the dog on Saturday, limited buns. Had chicken instead of pasta at lunch on Sunday. I did eat a couple of fries last night. And there was the egg sandwich for lunch yesterday. But I skipped the bread on my BBQ sandwich last night – I’m taking the little wins!

Who knows what today brings but I am constantly thinking about what I can make when I’m back home and start my Whole30 in earnest on Thursday.

No, not this Earnest….

226348_1061441422554_6544_n (1)

My SweatPink Ambassador Friends are on this journey too — How are they doing? 

Jacki at Dare 2 Dream – Dare 2 Do ) has done this before! So how did her first few days go? Have a look here!

The WHOLE30 — Really, the WHOLE 30!!

31 May


Tomorrow, my plan is to start a Whole30 challenge. And I’ll say right here, tomorrow I will be at a beach party with free flowing beer and hotdogs…so, there is a *slight* chance I won’t actually go Whole30 on June 1!  I’m on “vacation” at my dad’s until really late at night on June 5 so my whole 30 will likely not start in earnest until June 6. I have plenty of appropriate food to last me until I can shop the afternoon of June 6 after work! But, even on vacation I am going to do my best to make the better choices…Like, I don’t HAVE to have a bun with a burger – and more lettuce and tomato is good!

You might be asking yourself, “What is the Whole30?” Well, it’s a way to reset all that stuff inside that might be clogged up and need some fixin’! From the Website (, the Whole30 is “a short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food”.

And, to be perfectly honest, I have an amazingly unhealthy relationship with food so my goal for this challenge is to get a grip on this! From my research, I’m thinking that the biggest thing that I’ll be “giving up” is dairy. I love my milk and I love my yogurt and really? You’re telling me no cheese for a MONTH??!! Okay, and wine. No wine for a month. Of course there’s also no wheat (or any grain really!), no sugar and no “processed” foods. But I’m not supposed to be eating a lot of that anyway – this should help break my carb-binging cycles and hopefully reduce my addiction to sugars.

Luckily, thanks to a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador,  I’ll have tons of support. And, we’ll all be sharing information, stories, and advice along the way! Every Tuesday I’ll have some great links – they’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, they’ll change your world! Well, maybe not that dramatic, but they will enlighten you at least a little.

And, even though today is NOT Tuesday you’re gonna get a little somethin’ extra!  Let’s call it a Friday Freebie! Mainly cause I’m a giver and not at all because I’ve put off writing this post for too long 🙂

From Jacki, on doing Round 2 of Whole30 and some tips and advice for success!

 So. let’s do this thing!! 

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