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The Electric Run – Race Review

17 Aug

Okay, so I’ve done the Rock and Roll races and I’ve done some runDisney races and I’ve done some local runs and I’ve done some big ones and I’ve even done some of the “theme” runs that are really popular these days (see my reviews here! )

Last weekend I did another new one – for me anyway! This time it was ELECTRIC!! Well, it was The Electric Run (which has NOTHING to do with the song from “FAME” but…any opportunity to throw in some music and I’m on top of it!!)

This time we took advantage of the pre-race packet pickup. There was some financial incentive to do this – you had to pay extra to pick up on event night. (Of course I negated the savings by picking up a new pair of running shoes at pickup!)

But on to the race!


Talk about amazing! It was definitely a really great run! The course was the same old Rentschler Field 5k course (at least I think it was…it was dark!) Park of our packet was some ‘glow’ sunglasses and an LCD lit bracelet – we learned that this would flash with movement when it was turned on so spent a lot of time waving our hands around while waiting to start!

016 017

Got into the starting chute early and got to watch the sunset. As soon as it was dark the first group set off. There wasn’t a lot of time between waves and it passed really quick. Before we knew it, we were off and running. And the running was actually surprisingly easy.


But the DECORATIONS! It becomes obvious that they definitely spend a few days setting up because it was amazing!

Tunnels of colored balloon tubes (yeah, I don’t know what they’re called!), walls of changing light mosaics and the Forest! Oh my gosh – I hope to have a better camera to catch this next year. My phone pictures don’t do it justice at all!

028 026 035

Eventually we got back to the stadium and actually ran through the concourse – which none of the other Rent races I’ve done has us do. That’s a nice flat even section that was also decorated with lights and umbrellas and…

Before I knew it the run was over…I mean, even before I expected it. I didn’t have my Garmin so I have to take the organizers’ word that it was 5K. Even without my watch I’m sure it was my fastest ever -it sure felt like it!! Maybe it was the running in the dark – but I didn’t have that experience with Expedition Everest so maybe it really was just my fast feet!


Final words? I will DEFINITELY be doing this one again! The energy, the course, the entertainment. Oh, and did I mention that the #OMGFreeBenandJerrys Truck was at the finish? Oh yeah they were, with some nomtastic frozen Greek Yogurt! So, really, a perfect night!

Do this one – Don’t be put off by the high cost – it’s definitely worth it!!

Balancing Stick — You Are My B***h!!!

17 Aug



The day has come!!

Friday, August 16, 2013. I have conquered the Balancing Stick! That’s right. I *CAN* do anything for 10 seconds!!


I’m coming for you Triangle Pose so watch out!!


4 Aug

So….this happened 🙂

038 035

Now, I have nothing against rhododendrons, but I really don’t think they’re good “foundation” plants…unless I can keep them bushy and short…which I can’t. But, I am not as anti-rhodo as I am anti-forsythia! The LEAVES!! Oh my gosh! So…that’s next week.

Also this weekend? 15 miles thankyouverymuch. Yeah. I’m tired tonight, possibly a little sore/achy…but overall I feel pretty darn good! Glad I got it done, feeling more motivated and really appreciating the run.

Beautiful 10 miles today for sure! And, for someone who really just does not enjoy the hills? I moved to the wrong place…it seems I went uphill WAY more than I went downhill! Or even flat!! But I went. I covered the distance.

031 034 032030

I think I have figured out my 10K costume for the runDisney #DumboDoubleDare. And it’s not even a Disney character so I might save it for my visit to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in October…but I am in need so…

Interesting week ahead – lunch tomorrow with my recruiter/agency. This will be a good one since I just told them I don’t want to stay where I am anymore. Appointment with my GYN on Tuesday to discuss old lady stuff…life is full of surprises when you get to “a certain age” and believe it or not – they are not all balloons and cake!! Friday I have an interview that I’m really looking forward to. I think this might be the role I’ve been looking for.

Oh yeah…and there’s miles to get in and some hot room to be sweated in. And…gonna try to eat like an adult this week – but my prep for that is a little lacking…and so it might be a tuna+cottage cheese week…

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is really ready for the week!


Two-fer Thursday!

11 Jul

No, not cocktails, but reviews and recaps!!


The Rent t-shirt

Tonight was the Hartford Marathon Foundation 2nd Annual Rentschler Airfield 5K. This event benefits the East Hartford Police Officer Brian A. Aselton Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. which provides scholarships to children of police officers and local criminal justice students. Fast and flat – and this really was as advertised!

But first…the race kicked off at Cabela’s – a super-mega “outdoorsman” type of store. The kind of place where you think you’ll see a bunch of guns and cammo and manly man stuff. And you do!! There’s a big mountain in the middle of the store and the inside of the mountain is an aquarium! Two floors of hunting and camping goodness – I seriously could spend loads of time in there looking at all the cool stuff I might not every use!!


What I would be looking for would be a cute little camouflage t-shirt (I didn’t see one on this short trip!) and what I would spend lots of time drooling over would be the assorted snacks and goodies – particularly the fudge. The millions of flavors of fudge (I am, after all, my mother’s daughter!)

I will be going back. You should drop in – it’s not just for campers and hunters and sweets-lovers!!

Then I headed out to the parking lot to get ready for the 5K. Advertised as Flat and Fast. Yeah…I’ve heard that one before. But this time it was true!! It’s run on some old airfields..runways and towers and all!

004 005

There was quite a nice breeze and the humidity was not nearly as oppressive as it’s been lately. I went out with the intention of doing some Jeff Galloway intervals and I managed to stick with it for most of the way. And took a minute or so off of my time from last weekend! Yay me!!


The finish line came complete with burgers, donuts and beer. The faster people also got ice cream! The burgers were provided by Cabela’s. Beer provided by Olde Burnside Brewing Co. makers of the tasty Ten Penny Ale. And the donuts. Oh. My. The Donuts. Simple, apple cider cinnamon sugar donuts. Warm. So light and at the same time really crispy and sugary on the outside…for a moment there, I forgot that my true love Dunkin’ Donuts even existed. I’m sorry. Where did these come from you ask? Well, Faddy’s Donuts & Ice Cream now have a very special place in my heart. Definitely well worth skipping the bun on my burger!!


Did I mention they were WARM!!

So, 5K aside, and I do enjoy these after work events, I’ll be doing this one again next year! 

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

8 Jul


Today is my one year anniversary at my local Bikram studio! While I haven’t gone as consistently as I would like – in fact, after my first month trial it took me another month to suck it up and sign up for a full year – I have seen improvement. I can *almost* get my leg up in Standing Head to Knee pose!


Standing Head to Knee Pose

And, Triangle Pose? This is the apex of the series — after this, everything slows down…and you really are happy about that!!


Triangle Pose

My big Bikram nemesis these days though is the deceptively simple looking Awkward Pose. I am not known for my balance and that’s what this one is all about!!

awkward pose


So, while I’ve improved there’s still room for more improvement – in Bikram it’s all about making the effort to see the results. As long as you’re trying correctly you’re doing it right!

I’ve set a pretty big goal for the rest of my year long practice (which ends on Sept 18) and am looking forward to getting even better in another year!

And on this Monday morning take a small moment to just be quiet and breathe. Deep and slow. It’s a perfect way to start your day!!


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