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Weekly WrapUp!

22 Feb

I’ve made the executive decision to make Saturday the day I wrap up my week…which, makes sense right? So that’s why this is going up on Sunday morning 😉

It’s been a super cold week here, but at least the snow has stopped – not that *I* don’t like the snow (cause I love it!!) but I know it’s a hassle for people! And, for the record, I’d rather have cold and snow than bitter cold and no snow!!

Anyway – after making my declaration earlier this week that I needed to, for lack of a better turn of phrase, poop or get off the pot, I made a very concerted effort to get out to the gym/treadmill and to Bikram. And to eat better. AND to drink less wine.

And now for the update on that other stuff!

Well, I made it to the treadmill on Tuesday and Saturday….tendonitis was acting up, even with taping so trying to not aggravate things too much.
Made it to Bikram Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday — and, seriously I already feel tons better!

Had a second job interview this week too, and so far I’m still in the running — hopefully will hear more early in the week. There’s one more step before they’ll offer me the job!

And…starting Monday I’ll be doing a 10-day Cleanse – not your typical cleanse where you drink some nasty liquid for an interminable amount of time but a cleanse that includes actual real food. And, judging from the menus, 90% of it is something I’ll like – the rest I’ll substitute/repeat meals. The focus is not on what I’m giving up, but on the good I’m doing for myself. Over the last couple of days I’ve been cutting back on coffee (gasp!), wine, and sugar, refined flours….all the things that we know aren’t really doing us any good! A few of those things I don’t eat much anyway. I did the first of my shopping yesterday and will do more today.

The most difficult part of this cleanse, I think, is “no strenuous exercising”…and I have a marathon coming up in what? 6 weeks? So I’ll do some slow treadmill miles and keep going to Bikram- which should be just fine!! And it’ll be great for my tendonitis too, to take a break

My goal for this coming week is to keep getting more consistent with my Bikram practice as well as getting in as many miles on the treadmill as i can without my foot falling off!! I’m not going to hit my mileage goal for the month but I will get in as much as I can in the next 7 days!! And I’ll also start deciding my mileage goal for March.

new week



Lucky 13?

29 Sep


There was a half marathon this week.  It was not pretty. I mean, the course was gorgeous, my results, not so much.

So let’s get to the training wrap-up:

The Higdon plan was:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 14 miles

What Anne managed to do is:
Tuesday – 3.5 miles ( had to circle my cul de sac a few times to even things up!)
Wednesday – 5.08 miles – I decided to take the time in the middle of the day to get it in since I also had to get the lawn mowed and my hair cut Wednesday night!
Thursday – walked about 2.5. Not really counting this as “done” since…well, it wasn’t 3 and I walked 🙂 But I got out there!! In the rain.
Saturday – Hogsback Half Marathon. Map My Run says I did 15.7 miles but…it was probably closer  to 13.1 😉
Sunday – decided to baby my foot (see yesterday’s recap) and did not do my 4 miles. I’m not beating myself up over that. Too much. 🙂

Now, on to this coming week! It’s a biggie since I’m heading down to Orlando to cheer on my friends in runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler!  That’s right, a trip to Disney and I’m *NOT* running!! Well…I’ll run…but no bling for me!! 😉

The Higdon plan for the week is:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 6 miles (oh no! we’re stepping things up!!)
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 8 miles

The mileage is just going to keep going up until December or so…

just run


This week I will also stop by Middletown Bikram to sign up for a year or two – and start back up when I’m back in town!!  Can’t wait!!

Is there a workout that you really look forward to? Bikram is that workout for me!!

Week 10 WrapUp

8 Sep


Alrighty! Let’s just jump right in to last week’s #Dopey15 training! 10 Weeks – Done!!

The Galloway plan for the week called for

Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 11 miles

And here’s what happened:

Tuesday – was all full of myself when I got out on MONDAY and did 3.25. So, Booyah!!
Thursday – As luck would have it, I was travelling again on Thursday and the plan was to get up and beat the heat so I could shower and finish packing before work. This did not exactly happen.
Saturday – There’s a race recap coming up REALLY soon that will show I did not manage 11 miles on Saturday (or Sunday for that matter!)

And, I know you’re saying to yourself right about now “Man…what a slacker! She’ll NEVER make it”! Oh ye of little faith…just you wait!!

Starting this week, I’m going to switch over to the Hal Higdon Dopey plan – It feels like a lot more running and I need my butt kicked so there. I will still be using my Galloway intervals though, let’s not get all crazy now! So now I’ll have 3 week days of running and alternating 2 run weekends.

Also starting *next* week, I get back to Bikram — was planning to head back today but woke up with either serious allergies or a cold and just…can’t face the hot room til I’m past it!!

Just for an introduction, my Higdon Plan for this week is:

Tuesday – 3 mile run
Wednesday – 5.5 mile run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Saturday – 3 mile run
Sunday – 13 mile run

And Monday’s are to be used for strength and stretching (which is where I will be happily adding Bikram to my plan). Alternate weekends is a Cross-training weekend on one of the days which, also, Bikram. Friday’s are rest days. Which will either be used for rest or…yeah. Bikram

So wish me luck!! And feel free to get those motivational messages lined up …I think I’m gonna need ’em!


Procrastination Pays Off!!!

29 Aug

Okay, so I generally don’t advise putting things off – not everyone works as well under pressure as I do!  And plus, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I can be kind of …um…lazy.

procrastination cookie


So, remember when I was going to jump back into Bikram yoga as part of my #Dopey15 training? And then, I don’t know if I told ya’ll, but my local Bikram studio closed at the end of July. Like 2 days before I was going to go in and hand over my big bucks for another year.

The next closest studio is a bit of a drive away, but I was going to go ahead and join up there for a year. I put it off long enough that I was going to go in the Monday after I get back from my current Texas trip.

Well. Wouldn’t you just know that 2 days before I headed down here I saw *this* on my Facebook Feed:


Happy Days are here!!!

Excitement galore right?!! And, I can do TWO years for less than one and…oh..wait. Oct 4? That’s when I’ll be down at Walt Disney World hanging out with my friends who are running Tower of Terror this year. (It will also be Phred’s first visit to Phlorida!) I emailed and they assured me that I could register before I left so again! Yay!!


After I emailed, I got this mass mailing from them!!!

I’m really happy to be able to get back on this particular horse! And, to warm up, I’m *still* going to sign up for the other studio “10 days for 20 dollars” introductory special when I get home!

And with that wonderful news — I wish you all a GREAT long weekend (if you’re in the US and actually have a long weekend!)


Where Did I put my Motivation?

21 Jul


No better time than a Monday morning to look for it right?

Giving it a shot!! At the risk of starting out on the trite side — it really is this simple.


So let’s all get out there and start the week right!! Starting….NOW!!!

Have an AWESOME week!!!



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