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O Christmas Tree

22 Dec


One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the tree, but this year I kind of slacked off and only put up the tree. There are only 2 ornaments on it. And one of them was in the box with the tree so…

But this has always been one of my favorites 🙂 No, really, it IS safe to say that they are all my favorites.

Today, finishing up some baking – cookies that have been properly refrigerated so that they turn out perfect! My cranberry noels from the first day and these Chewy Brown Sugar cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction! I’m also going to bake Ina Garten’s Pound Cake. The weather is not at all conducive to trying out the Divinity again so that might have to wait until after Christmas!

I made a kind of last minute decision to go to my Dad’s for Christmas so can bring some of these down to him. I feel like Christmas just came way too fast this year so not as much baking, decorating or shipping off packages of goodies took place.

But there’s always New Year’s, right?!

It’s The Holiday Season!!

16 Dec

Christmas Wreaths

In addition to starting the Working From Home part of my job – for real this time! – today was also a big Christmas prep day. And that means MUSIC! Today’s song is one that I love to listen to, no matter who is singing it!

The version I’m sharing today is by the fabulous Harry Belafonte and gets to the real point of the Christmas season.

I managed to make some meringue cookies today – one batch had cherries and pecans and another was a chocolate meringue . I had to test them and I approve! 🙂  Also mixed up some sugar cookies for decorating and will probably bake those this weekend.

I’m on the hunt for my mom’s peppermint cookie recipe …it’s in here somewhere!! Its’s a very crumbly cookie with chopped pecans and a filling of crushed up peppermints! 

And, oh yeah, that running thing? I think I’m almost ready to get back on the road and I cannot WAIT!!

Holiday Singalong – Day 2!!

15 Dec

Maybe about 5-6 inches?

So last night we got a big ol’ snow storm (well, a medium ol’ snow storm anyway!). And I also got the tree up and after a VERY much delayed start to my holiday celebrating/baking/decorating I am FINALLY jumping right on it.

After shoveling out today (or, maybe I had someone do it for me…) I ran a couple of errands and now it’s time to settle in and let the smell of chocolate and butter and sugar and nuts and all kinds of other goodies take over the house for the next week.

And when I do my Christmas baking, I like to crank some really random music. Today’s selection includes:

On the “menu” for today is some quick and easy fudge, some not so quick and easy divinity (that I have been wanting to make for the last year at least!) and mixing up some cranberry noel cookies – I first made these a few years ago and they have become a favorite of mine for sure! They are most excellent with coffee any time of day!!

Today’s apron is a favorite from my college roommate –


As you can see, I am not terribly consistent with my apron ironing…

So what do you have left to do to get ready for Christmas??!

Doing Something New!

1 Nov

This morning, I’ve done something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but just never did for one reason or another. Mainly, probably because I thought it would be too hard! But I was surprised how easy it really was!!

I made fancy decorated cookies!


It doesn’t look like much here…

I made my usual sugar cookie dough — it’s the one from the old packages of Butter Flavor Crisco actually!  This time it came out a little more crumbly than usual but I was able to get some cookies cut out!

I used this great sandwich cutter I picked up earlier this year at Disneyland


M-I-C. K-E-Y

My first attempt at icing was a cheat — I used packaged “Cookie Frosting” from Wilton


This is what the bottled stuff looked like fresh out of the bottle…

It soaked into the cookies and took forever to dry — and didn’t give me the look I wanted.

So this morning I started over!  I used Wilton Royal Icing Mix

Kind of cheating but easy-peasy!

The first thing I did was use the “as made” icing to outline the ears.


So far so good!

Then I thinned that out and added more black gel (also from Wilton!) And filled in the ears!


Starting to get excited!!

Starting to look like a Mouse!

Of course Mickey has to have some pants!!


And I finally added some buttons to keep those Mouse pants up!!


I’m pretty impressed with the finished project, even though they aren’t perfect, and can’t wait to get home from Wine and Dine to start working on Christmas cookies! And this time, I’ll make an attempt to make my own icing!


The final result!! Not too shabby!!

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