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Let’s Get Ready to Rock!

31 Aug

And Roll. Or…um.. Roller! As in Coaster!


Yep – it’s coming up. Next weekend is the first New England Roller Coaster Race! Taking place at Six Flags New England, this is how it works:

On Saturday, you can take part in the Roller Coaster 5K. What this is, is exactly what it says!! You will get a wrist band and then the race is on to complete 3.1 miles of climbs and drops and spins and turns and you MAY even go upside down once or twice!!

Sunday though, is when it gets real 🙂 Today your feet are in charge of your 10k!

You can choose to do one or the other of the events – or you can do both!!

And, just because you are kind enough to support me by reading here, and if you haven’t already signed up, I can give you 10% off of your entry!! Here’s what you do —

If you aren’t local, you can contact GET Travel — the same great folks who provide race and travel services for our pals over at runDisney!!

And, if for some reason you can’t make it this year — you ABSOLUTELY need to get this on your calendar for 2015!! What a way to send off summer, right?!!

Recap coming next weekend! I am so excited for this one!!!

A Family Weekend Away

12 Aug


So maybe they aren’t family, but they’re darn close!!

Most summers, my friend Kathy and I (along with Earnest Phred) take a trip to visit friends in Pennsylvania. Usually it’s a quick QUICK trip – Friday afternoon to Monday morning – but this year we extended by a day!

Of course the drive was super super exciting* and it took us a bit longer than expected to get there (Thank you NY State Road Works team). NB: I will never in all my life EVER understand how traffic can come to a full and complete stop on a highway. For half hours at a time!! But, I digress!


*not actually exciting at all!

When we got to Harrisburg, our friends were at a neighborhood block party so we joined them at their neighbor’s house for burgers and dogs. Okay, technically just a burger (half a bun, thankyouverymuch!). Then we headed back to Jenn and Mark’s house to unwind on their porch.

We had no real plans for Saturday so after moseying around the house for a bit, we went out to a local farm and picked blueberries. Ya’ll! I haven’t ever seen such big berries before!! And so many of them!






And that would be my fabulously blueberry stained hand there…

And then we came home and baked a gluten-free pie!


And by “we” I mean Jennifer…


Which was quite tasty!

It was a lazy stay in night and we ordered up some pizza.

Got up Sunday morning and when Jennifer asked about my training run scheduled for the weekend I was truthful and said 3 miles – so we laced up and headed out. It was really a nice run, and not too hot and not terribly humid (though sweat *did* happen!) Got in a bit over 3 and had a decent pace – I think Jenn’s long legs helped with that!

That evening, as always seems to happen, it started to rain while we were getting ready to head to dinner and then Hershey Park (to ride the rides you don’t want to take a 3 year-old on!). But we got to see this on the way to the restaurant so – bright side!


Dinner was great! And naturally by the time we were ready to head to the park the weather cleared and we were able to get on a few coasters before the rain started again. While it was raining, Jennifer kicked some butts in air hockey.

Headed home because Monday was going to be our full park day!! All the roller coaster-y fun is recapped here! We ended the day with the family picture above, but then I had to get a picture with my other main man — Sorry Goofy


After a stop at Chocolate World to see the singing cows


it was definitely time for home and getting ready for the drive home on Tuesday! And I can’t wait to get back to Hershey Park in October!!

Tuesday we decided to take a different route home, hoping to avoid all of the road “work” that was going on when we drove over Friday. This led us to a little place called Kitchen Kettle Village and did some browsing and tasting. Quite a bit of tasting actually!! And, of course a little picture taking 🙂


Phred seems a little unsure of that big cookie!



OMG!!! He was there in person!!! (I’m holding Phred mainly so he doesn’t try to pee on the big cookie…cause…he might…)

Then it was straight on to home, which was a much MUCH nicer trip than on the way over!

Heading back in October for the Hershey Half Marathon and more fun with friends – and I can’t WAIT!!


A Big Training Weekend!!

6 Aug

So, if you read my last post this title might be a little confusing…


Well let me explain then!

In a few weeks, I’ll be participating in my first ever Roller Coaster Race! Yep! That’s right!! And I’m going all out cause you know I love a challenge! 5K on Saturday and a 10K on Sunday.

This time though, the 5K is 3.1 miles of roller coasters at Six Flags New England!

In order to prepare – and, to be honest, to spend some quality time with friends, I headed to Pennsylvania this past weekend and spent some time at Hershey Park getting my roller coaster on!! Now, I have to confess: I LOVE Coasters!! But they kinda scare the crap out of me, and sometimes make me a little sick 🙂 But really, once you go over the first hill, it’s a piece of cake


and ginger chews were invented for just this kind of situation!!

One of the great things about going to Hershey Park is that if you buy your ticket the evening before, you get a couple of “free” hours in the park that night! So we hit a few coasters on Sunday night before it started raining.






Monday we returned and did a couple more coasters before spending a few hour in the water park (another confession: I LOVE water parks!) and then did a couple more rides before calling it a day.









So now I am all kinds of ready to hit another park and get in some more rides. Oh yeah, and that 10K thing too… 🙂

And  I will definitely get to the weekend re-cap really soon!! (spoiler alert: there may or may not be a picture of me and Phred with a large gingerbread man…)

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