10-Day Be Vibrant Cleanse — The Wrap Up

5 Mar


A few weeks ago, a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador sent out the request for people to try the Be Vibrant Cleanse – and I responded since I am ALWAYS looking for way to amp up my healthy eating.

The cleanse includes a detailed meal plan, with recipes as well as a private Facebook group. Every morning you will wake up to an email from Mary Jane in your inbox – a bright bit of motivation to start you day, with hints to get through the day, and do some advance prep! And, for this Spring, she’s running a 50% off deal for my readers!

Overall, this was really quite easy. Lots more food prep than I usually do. But probably a normal amount for someone who hasn’t slacked off on actually making meals!!  And tasty food. Basically you follow a vegan / gluten free meal plan for the 10 days and as much as I love my cow milk I did get through with very minimal milk craving! I can manage with no bread products for a couple of weeks so that wasn’t a stretch!

Breakfast was generally oatmeal, quinoa, berries or a smoothie — which aside from the quinoa, I tend to do anyway. The difference here was cooking my oatmeal in Almond milk instead of water as usual. Loved getting some new variety in my smoothie repertoire – especially with my new NutriBullet to lend a hand!!

Each day included 2 optional snacks – and after the 3rd day or so, I wasn’t hungry between meals so I tended to skip those.

The meal plan had a lot of variety for lunch and dinner.  Though, since I only cook for one, and many of the recipes make at least 2 servings, I ate leftovers probably more than I should have. But I stayed with the spirit of the cleanse.


These are tricky to work with…but kind of tasty!

I think the only thing I ate that I hadn’t had before were the brown rice tortillas and the roasted beets – but I have been wanting to try roasting beets for some time and this was my push! I don’t think I ate anything that I couldn’t tolerate, and I ate quite a few things that I’ll definitely be making again!

Some of my favorites were the Stuffed Peppers


Spicy, with Quinoa and Black Beans

And the Quinoa Sweet Potato Chili


Serious Noms!! And even this Texas girl didn’t miss the meat!!

And this White Bean and Artichoke spread that, really, I can eat with a spoon!!


Great tasty spread to use on wraps or as a dip with veggies!!


So, given my complete lack of motivation since finishing up with The Dopey Challenge back in January, I’m pretty impressed with myself for getting through this.  I will confess to a coffee cheat a couple of times though – Couldn’t stand the withdrawal headache. Next time, and there WILL be a next time for sure!, I will prepare myself with some buffered Vit C powder!

If you need a jumpstart – or just want to reset things – definitely go to Mary Jane’s website – Live Love Fitness –  and check this out!!! I’m so happy that I did this – way easier than a #Whole30 for me and I am much more sustainable, for me, going forward!

And, don’t forget, let Mary Jane know I sent you and get 50% off!!

3 Responses to “10-Day Be Vibrant Cleanse — The Wrap Up”

  1. Mary Jane March 5, 2015 at 11:28 am #

    Awesome review ❤ thank you for sharing your recap and love the photos!

    • outrunningthefork March 5, 2015 at 8:02 pm #

      Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this! I’m already marking my next round on the calendar!!


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