WDW Marathon Weekend – The Dopey Challenge: The Half Marathon

28 Jan

So where was I?

Oh yeah! We finished the 10K, we went to the Magic Kingdom for an epic ride on the Jingle Cruise then back to the resort for a sandwich and bed!

Now, normally, I’m a get all by things together the night before a race kind of girl. But…well, I was kind of winging it this weekend.

Not only was Saturday leg 3 of the Dopey Challenge, it was also the final leg of the Na’Cho Challenge! And, Na’Cho himself was planning to be out on the course cheering on his runners!! ***

nacho jazzhands

Na’Cho ready to take on the tough task of cheering on thousands of runners!!

I set the alarm a bit earlier for Saturday – we had purchased the Race Retreat and I wanted to take advantage of the pre-race amenities: warm tent, bagels, fruit, coffee, water, private port-a-potties, and private bag check. Plus character photos!!

Anyway…we got up, got dressed and headed to the bus. Because the weather was much cooler than I’d expected when I planned my outfits, I had to make an adjustment. Unfortunately, that adjustment meant that I had to wear my race shirt. On the day of the race. Something I *never* do! To hopefully short-circuit any bad ju-ju, I wore it inside out!

The line for the bus was a little longer on Saturday and I realized that we could hear the festivities from over in the EPCOT lots! Hopped on that bus and really, as soon as we pulled away realized that I didn’t have my music with me…WHAT??!!! Oh well…that’ll learn me to “wing it” the night before a race, right?!

It was already pretty crowded when we got there,


You can really feel the excitement — even at 4 in the morning!!

but I found a spot and settled in for a bit. Grabbed a bagel, some peanut butter, a banana and an orange. And a couple of bottles of water. And, of course a couple of pictures!






What? Oh just hangin’ with my pals Buzz and Woody!


We were kind of anxious to get to the corrals – which was quite a walk. But first I was meeting up with my running group again for my dose of motivation before heading to the back of the pack…again.


The group was even BIGGER today!!!

Tracy had made her way to the front of the corral, and I really had no trouble finding her! We chatted with the runners around us and made our plan to meet up at the Retreat Tent afterwards. I also wanted to let her know that Na’Cho would be between miles 11 and 12 or so…

Eventually (an hour later, actually) we were crossing the starting line and off on our 13.1 mile adventure!


Without my music I really focused on the sights and sounds that Disney provides! And stopped for a picture or two!!


Heading into the happy place!!



Stopping for my honey….well, Pooh’s honey



I was going to have to walk through the castle anyway, so time for another stop!


It’s been awhile since I’ve run at Disney on my own — and even though I didn’t have my usual companion to chat with along the way, the time still seemed to go by pretty fast! I was super happy to see these ladies when I came out of the Magic Kingdom!


Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! And…cured my chocolate craving!!


And I must say, except for those few miles through the castle and heading out of the Magic Kingdom, I did pretty darn good!!


MIles 6 and 7 were through the castle and some tight roads…mile 9 was just…boredom!!


Post-race, I ran into our other Pooh — and Tigger Too!!!  I was so happy to see my friends waiting after I finished!! Had to memorialize this!!


I somehow managed to  miss Na’Cho on the course – I was looking at the wrong side of the road I guess 😦 So my plan was to go to the Retreat and grab breakfast number 2 and my gear bag and head out to pick up my Na’Cho medal (and of course hug the man of the hour!). Though while getting my things it turned out that the road had opened and Na’Cho headed home….

I had no plans for the rest of the day, other than maybe hitting the pool for a bit before an early dinner and another early night to bed! But first, some post race recovery time…


Ice and snack time!!


Three down and one more to go! It was actually looking like I was gonna pull this thing off!!


The Donald medal!



The super special Na’Cho Challenge medal!


And hey! If you want to earn one of these AWESOME Na’Cho Challenge medals, just click on that link back there — all you have to do is run 10K (6.2 miles) and a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and send in proof of running, like say, a screen print of your running app. Or. A picture of your garmin watch. 🙂

2 Responses to “WDW Marathon Weekend – The Dopey Challenge: The Half Marathon”

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot January 29, 2015 at 10:27 am #

    The Na’Cho challenge is ADORA-BULL!!! Love reading your accounts of things. 🙂

    • outrunningthefork January 31, 2015 at 3:30 pm #


      And, Na’Cho himself is quite adorabull too!!! 🙂

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