Hogsback Half Marathon – Race Recap

29 Sep

Last year I heard about this event on the Twitter – I’m sure there was discussion about post-race tasty goodies involved! So I rushed to sign up and here’s the story about that happening!

It was such a good time that I was gonna do it again for sure! And, since I’d been doing all this training I was hoping for a better Proof of Time for runDisney #Dopey15! (No spoilers here though!)

Anyway, Friday after work, I went to a local church to donate blood. Then home to get ready. I was planning to wear my new “magic” skirt since rumor has it that there is speed enhancing built right in!! Then Kathy came over, we watched a little tv then headed to sleep!

Up bright and early this morning, got dressed (and KTTaped!)


and started hydrating (and fueling!) That meant a stop at Dunkin for some coffee! It’s a bit of a drive out to western CT but a gorgeous one, especially at this time of year!

Got there early enough this time to park down near the finish. In fact we got some serious rock star parking so it was a great start!! I was feeling good (better than last year!) and ready to hopefully interval my way to a better POT. Had on my magic skirt and my Newtons. It was a little chilly but I figured that I’d warm up pretty fast – plus, I forgot my jacket so…

Meg got there and picked up her things and we headed up the hill to the start line for the Early Start (really, more race directors should look into this!) where I met Kimberlee, another one of my friends from inside the computer. She knew me cause of the skirt of course!!

Soon enough we were ready to start and I intended to keep it slow and stick with my intervals. Did okay with keeping it slow, but took advantage of the downhills wherever possible. Meg and Kathy stuck with me and I’m sure it was killing Kathy to go so slow!! But if we hadn’t been on a walk interval, she might have never seen this:


At about mile 7.5 or so I started developing a pain in the arch of my foot. It did *not* get better as I’d hoped it might! Kathy took off while Meg (bless her heart!) stayed with me while I hobbled along .

Near the end there’s a pretty big hill and this is where Meg took off and when I got up to the dam I finally picked it back up so I wouldn’t be walking across the finish line!! It was not a pretty one – in fact it was kind of discouraging. My Map My Run app was *way* off mileage wise – it said I did nearly 16 miles. I did not 🙂 That, and the pain in my foot just made for a not so great run (though a fun time seeing friends!!) And the scenery — worth it for sure!!


Post race I headed to the car to put on my flipflops,hoping that would help my foot, and went to partake of the amazing post-race goodies! Cake. Yeah, I grabbed a piece of cake first. I also picked up a piece of chicken (tasty!!) and some water. Found Kimberlee and her husband and sat and chatted for a bit.


When the awards celebration ended, Kathy and I headed into Hartford for the Pipes in the Valley – this was a new thing for me but will definitely do this again!! Kilts, pipes, Irish dancing, Highland Games!! What is not to love?!! I’ll tell you – that Scotchy Scotch Bloody Mary we tasted…that was not loved!!  But everything else? Oh yeah!!




All in all it really was a great day! I can’t let the results of the Half marathon bother me too much – much more important that I don’t injure myself!! This week I plan to take it easy — I’ll do the miles, but it will be all about time on my feet! What is your plan for the week?!! 

Happy Monday, Happy National Coffee Day!!



4 Responses to “Hogsback Half Marathon – Race Recap”

  1. Patty H September 29, 2014 at 11:44 am #

    Aw girl- you did 13.1 more than I did this weekend! 😉 That’s a win! Congrats on the finish!

  2. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot September 29, 2014 at 8:10 am #

    Yay! Loved reading this. Definitely a race that’s on my bucket list. 🙂


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    […] it wasn’t 3 and I walked 🙂 But I got out there!! In the rain. Saturday – Hogsback Half Marathon. Map My Run says I did 15.7 miles but…it was probably closer  to 13.1 😉 Sunday – decided […]

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