Quick and Dirty!

25 Feb

Just a quick “have to get the thoughts out of my head” post! No pictures, just the words!

Then, the Princess weekend recap is On. The. Way!! (though there will be more than one…it was a LONG weekend!)

Item 1:  You might remember that since Thanksgiving I’ve been having some ‘issues’ with running. Well, with walking actually. Sometimes verging on severe pain. I really should have deferred out of this whole Challenge thing giving my complete lack of training and my inability to walk 10 minutes without having to sit and recover! But…it was a *LOT* of money. A. LOT. I feel like I can’t emphasize that enough! Now, 2 days after completing 22.4 miles and 4 days walking the parks,  I am in absolute shock – SHOCK I tell you – that my muscle pain in my glute and leg was very nearly non-existent over the weekend. Yes. I did feel pain, sometimes more than “normal” half marathon following 10K following 5K pain. But it was nothing I couldn’t stretch out or walk off in less than a minute. Honestly, I would wake up every morning dreading that first step out of bed telling me “well, you did your best but there is no way you’re getting on a bus, much less crossing a finish line today”. It. Never. Happened. Seriously. I’m 50. There is pain involved in getting out of bed! But other than the expected creaks of every day waking up I felt nothing! My hamstrings are super tight, and I might have some tendonitis recurring in my right foot but…that was it.

Even today, after walking the parks all day and sitting on a plane for 3 hours I am completely fine!I don’t know if it’s adrenaline or what…but…I don’t know what to say.

Other than…Dopey 2015 baby!!! Training starts this weekend!!!

Item 2: My flight left Orlando last night. I wasn’t even paying that much attention, but we were scheduled to take off at 9:55 and I think we were late. I got to my house probably around 1:30 or so? The first sign that something was wrong, but that I completely misinterpreted, was that I couldn’t get into my garage. The garage door opener wasn’t working. The light would come on the car, but the door wouldn’t open! So I parked in the driveway and unloaded my crap! As usual, I turned on the hall light when I opened the door and started putting my stuff in the hallway. I had a few things to put away so I went into the kitchen. And noticed the lights blinking on the range and no lights on the microwave. So I knew the power had gone out. After trying a few other electrical items I went down to check the breaker box and the sump pump alarm was beeping. When I went to turn it off I stepped in some water (thankfully not up to my ankles like the last time! I am now airing out my “Little House” books collection and sacrificing everything else to the water gods!). Checked the box and everything was okay.

I realized that I possibly had a HUGE issue! And it was between 10 and 20 degrees outside. I took off my jeans and pulled on some sweats and socks and slept in my clothes. When I woke up and realized it wasn’t a bad dream I eventually gathered my wits and called the power company.

They came by and determined that the problem was that one of the cables from the street to my house was bad. I packed up my work stuff and headed down the street to Denny’s — where the wonderful manager set me up in the “back room” where I could plug in and connect to their wi-fi – and worked for the next few hours. Came home around 2:30 and the power was back and the trucks were gone!

Blahblah – I also locked myself out of the house today when I went to pick up Phred. Some wine and tv later and I think I’m ready for whatever tomorrow brings. Unless it brings more crap!! 🙂

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