Saturday, Derailed.

15 Jun

**If you are super sensitive, or eating, you might want to skip today’s epic!**

 Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.

Mike Tyson 

I was really looking forward to putting some great race reviews out here for you this weekend.

But, today I got “punched in the mouth”. Or, it’s much more apt to say I got punched in the stomach. Sucker punched even!

I was up and ready to go. Followed the same plan as always. Dressed, coffee, banana…walked the dog! Felt. GREAT! Was looking forward to a beautiful day – driving around in my happy convertible listening to really bad music!

First stop was going to be The Run Back to the 80’s 5K. Seriously. How could this be wrong?? 80’s music and people who have only seen the 80s in music videos and movies dressed in bad 80s running costumes.

All was well until I got about 10 minutes from the venue – I started feeling pretty queasy. Figured it would pass so kept on going…parked. Head started aching a little (I’m sure hitting it on the latch of the car trunk didn’t help) but I headed over to meet the friend I was running with but before I got very far I felt an IMMEDIATE need to get to the ladies room. And let me tell you I was so happy to see this….


And not this….

 porta potty

I just didn’t realize exactly how much time I would be spending here…(here’s where it might get a little gross but, a review is a review right? Good bad and ugly!!)

On my first visit, my body was divested of all the coffee I’d had. Probably the banana too. I felt like I could get up and walk but sent a text to tell my friend I would likely not be running today. Cleaned up and went out to find him. Felt okay so went to get my bib and shirt. Grabbed a cup of water and took a few sips.


Headed back to my friend….


Once the water is expelled there is nothing left to go, but it’s like my body doesn’t even know this! So it was digging DEEP to just get out whatever was bothering me…which as far as I could tell was – NOTHING!

Went out to the car, got ready to head home after asking the man to tell me how to get home without getting on the highway. The last thing I needed was to have to pull over in 70-80 mile an hour traffic to heave on the side of the road. Got my directions, made one more trip to the potty and headed home.

Here’s where I might have made a bad decision – though in the end I think it turned out okay. I happened to pass a sign for Packet Pickup (I’m volunteering at a golf tournament today and packet pickup was one of the things on my list to get done today) and figured I should do it since today is the last day I could.

Pulled in to the parking lot and knew that it was crucial that I find the nearest Ladies’ room…so I went in and signed in at the volunteer table (where I could barely even speak, my mouth was so dry) and asked where the bathrooms were! Found them, suffered a bit in the stall, and then had the BRILLIANT idea that laying on the cold tile would feel really good!! I did not lay on them but I did find a corner and sit. For about a half hour! Then I felt good enough to go get my things and get back in the car.

The rest of the trip was uneventful – except for being just an absolutely beautiful day and a gorgeous drive. And now I’m hating that it IS such a great day outside and I’m kind of stuck inside til I can rehydrate

So, no race review this afternoon. Tomorrow I have a 3.3 mile trail run scheduled so we’ll see how that goes.

PS – My friends at Dr. Google tell me that if a diabetic starts vomiting for, apparently, no reason they should head immediately to a doctor – could be ketoacidosis. I did not do this so I am, again, a BAD DIABETIC. I of course only read about this after I’d gotten home and comfy. If I continue to feel bad, I will contact a real medical professional.

And I can promise you that this is my only post about bodily functions! At least the

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