Let the Re-Capping Begin!!

26 Sep img_1814

As I mentioned Friday in my ‘return to blogging” post, it’s is Fall Race Season. Or as I like to call it, “Sunrise Season” – on account of how many sunrises I’ll witness in the next few months!!

In my quest to stay on top of my race recaps (and get back in your good graces) I present to you – the 2016 Hogsback Half Marathon


Kathy came over Friday night for an early morning drive up to northwestern CT – and it was an early, wine-free night of reality tv.

Got up dark and early to make my oatmeal and have time to digest it before hopping in the car. It’s really a pretty drive, once the sun comes up. I was aiming for good parking, if I can be honest! And, whaddayaknow, I got it! #Rockstarparking.


Picked up bibs and shirts and got back in the car since it was chilly out! We had signed up for the early start (which is an awesome benefit to this race!) so didn’t have long to wait before we headed UP THE HILL to the start line. We picked up Kim and Tom on the way. Kim was starting early and I figured I’d see Tom later when he passed me  (spoiler, it was around mile 11.5!) It was a pretty decent group of early starters and we had our own pacers. 2:45 and 3:00. I was going to try to keep 2:45 in my sights but stick to my 30:30’s as long as I could hang in there.


I managed to keep up my intervals and everything felt pretty good most of the way. I’m working on breaking in the shoes I plan to wear for Marine Corps but they are causing me some issues…so we’ll have to see what happens. If I need new shoes I need to get them pronto!

This is a beautiful ‘country’ course — an out and back of sorts along a river. This year for the first time there were a few families out in the yard cheering runners on. The run takes place on country highways but there isn’t a ton of traffic. The first finisher passed me around mile 5 – the next runners showed up when I stopped at mile 6 to take off my jacket! There was a HUGE gap between them – amazing!!


Course elevation – first half is my favorite!!

Tom caught up with me about mile 11.5 and stayed with me a bit but he had a plan and took off after a few minutes. At some point, I had managed to let the 3 hour pacer catch me. Ruh-Roh!! Picked it up again but she passed me for good on “the hill” – about a quarter mile incline. That I walked up. I had given up on my goal apparently.

Heading across the dam to the finish line I passed Kathy! I don’t think I’ve ever beat her in a half!! Though, in her defense, she said her hamstrings were tightening up..whatevs, I still beat her!! haha And then I saw Kim and Tom waiting on the side of the bridge so stopped for a second – mainly to point out that I was beating Kathy! Then, ta-da!! The finish. And it turns out that I only missed my goal by 48 seconds.


Small sample of the post race eats! Ziti, chicken, meatballs, cornbread muffin, TWO kinds of Rice Krispie Treats!!!

Post race is one of the best ones out there!!! LOTS of homemade food – chicken, pasta, cookies, muffins…NOMS. And great raffles. And time to hang with friends. And puppies. Did I forget to mention that there are puppies? The charity partner for this race is Running for Rescues and there were a few puppies visiting and hoping for a furever home. I don’t think I’m ready for 2 dogs yet…

And now I’m going to try something new for these recaps – maybe it will stick and maybe it won’t!

Welcome to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
1. Early start ya’ll! When you register, there’s an option to register for an early start if you think you’ll take more than 3 hours. And it’s been a couple few years since I’ve finished under 3. The only caveat is that you get disqualified if you finish faster than 2:20 since this is the RRCA Championship event
2. The outfit. Please. (Tantrum Jette Skirt and Tantrum Lotta Love  top – converted to Eclipse Tank in Marine when I took off the jacket!)

3. The post race party. The RD and her family do all the cooking and baking. Plus this year there was a new baby!! Congrats Kelly!
4. The medal.
5. The charity. Running for Rescues. Dogs dogs dogs. My house loves the dogs!!
6. My time – only missed my goal (per my MCM plan) by 48 seconds

The Bad
1. Newer shoes that I’m breaking in for Marine Corps. Found a bruise at the base of my Achilles tendon post-race. Need to figure out what to do
3. My time – missed my goal by 48 seconds.

The Ugly
1. This Hill. Mile 12.5 ya’ll.
2. Post-race crampy legs. Walking around helps
So, I really had to reach for the Bad and the Ugly cause this is really a well-run, fun, small race with a great family-like atmosphere

Except the Ugly. I really do hate that hill.


Hello, It’s Me.

23 Sep IMG_3604

Once upon a time, I thought, “hey! I’ll write a blog! It’ll be great for accountability and I’ll meet new people and…it’ll be great!”

So here I am.


But haven’t been terribly consistently accountable.

I *think* I might be getting close to organized enough in the other areas of my life to jump right back in – and hopefully, to even eventually share some of the awesome things I’ve done so far this year but never posted. We’ll see. No promises, right?

And now it’s coming up on Fall Race Season – you know, that time of year when I spend several weekends either travelling somewhere to run or running at home (mostly the former though). Last year wasn’t completely disastrous. Until I got to the end of October and then beat myself up – privately of course – for my horrible performance at Marine Corps Marathon.  I swore that I would never again run a marathon without doing the training.

Well. For the last 2 months I HAVE been doing the training. Mostly. Yeah. I started late, missed a couple of the shorter long runs and more than a couple of the short mid-week runs.

But I’m hitting the road. And the treadmill. Ya’ll I did FOURTEEN miles on a treadmill when the temps were over 100 a few weeks ago. I ran nearly every day when I visited my dad at the end of August. Usually around noon. In Texas where, again, it was pretty darn hot. But it all felt good!!

Now I’m 36 days away from my redemption at MCM – and feeling confident that I won’t repeat last year’s mess. Because I’m spending a lot of time with hills. BIG hills


Just an example of how things are running at home….this from my 18 miler turned 19.5 miler last week….

I’m kind of being helped along by a couple of changes being made by the Marines due to some logistical difficulties this year. The Guantlet and The Bridge have both been moved up by a couple of miles so SCORE! And, as I mentioned, I’ve actually done some training this year.

But before then, I have a few other things on my plate –


Tomorrow is the Hogsback Half Marathon – I discovered this one on the Twitters when someone mentioned the great post-race feast and I’m glad I did. It’s a fairly small event, with a gorgeous course – seriously, no part of this course is ugly! – great post-race festivities. And, they offer an early start for us slower folks which is really nice because you’re finishing with #allthepeople and not straggling in

After that, starting in October, there is the Hartford Half Marathon – I did this one once before I moved to CT. A few years back they changed the course and this will be my second year running the new course. This is another fun post-race – particularly the Mile 27 Beer Garden (the Hartford Marathon Foundation also offers a full on the same day) and the longest drinking fountain ever! Instead of bottled water, you get a water bottle which is pretty awesome.

The following week I will be travelling to the Sweetest Place on Earth. That’s not a typo! I’m heading to Hershey PA for the Hershey Half Marathon. This will be my third time running this one and one that I plan to keep on my must-do list for as long as I can. I mean, great swag and fresh chocolate at mile 12? Yes please!  A few of my friends are planning to run this one as well which adds to the great weekend!

Then. Dun dun dun….it’ll be time to head down to DC and #runwiththeMarines. I’m not out to set records, but I am out to do the best I can. And again, lots of friends running this one as well but I will probably spend most of the 26.2 on my own. Laser like focus right? And I have a plan…


My MCM Race Day plan – based on the original timing

My plan – for all of my events coming up but most especially for the Marathon – is to stick with the intervals I’m training with. No funny stuff!! And really work on not taking off so “fast” and holding back the first few…or first 10-15 miles.

Run my own race, work towards the goals I’ve written down. Trust myself. I’ve done it before and I can do it again, right?

OMG!!! Please Come Back!!!

22 Sep hang in there

I promise to be better. Really I do!!!

A couple of quick things I want to shoot out to ya’ll now with something bigger coming soon. Seriously.  **NOTE: This post contains Affiliate Links!! **

The fabulous ladies over at Skirt Sports have opened up their Sewing Room – this means if you have an idea for a new skirt-item you’ll be given the chance to post it and maybe have it made.

Round one is in the ‘funding’ stage – designs that meet the funding goal by October 4 will be produced and you can own it! IF, you help fund it!

The top 2 designs are the High Waist Happy Girl Skirt in black – the Original Happy Girl is a longer version skirt that I know a lot of ladies wear to work! How convenient right? Now a higher waist means less chance for “muffin top”, for those of us who are susceptible to such…


And, I know I have a lot of tri-friends who would love the biking skirt, right?! After all, Nicole DeBoom herself won her triathlon wearing a skirt! So go here to fund the Cruiser Bike Girl – this is a re-working of an older skirt, making a comeback!!

So if you want either one of these skirts, click those links and make it happen! All fully funded skirts are expected to ship next May! Good luck!!


I did it!!!!

Second, remember that Step Bet thing I told you about last month? Well, of course since I’ve actually been running lately (what?!?! Training? Crazy!) I ended up winning that first one…and was so full of myself, I joined another right away. I’m nearing the end of week 3 and still going strong-ish! Goals are a little higher, but so far so good!!

So, anyway ya’ll…I do plan to get back to some more regularly scheduled posting, now that I have some more regularly scheduled stuff going on!! And even when I don’t have stuff going on, I’m sure I can find something to say

Thanks for hanging in there!!! And keep coming back — bring your friends too!!!

Stepping Things Up!!

14 Aug

Since I last wrote, I’ve still been working on my motivation, but I have been able to step up my training game a bit – you know, actually doing the running part of it!

I missed a few runs, but figure I made up for it with my week at Walt Disney World.

That’s right – a week at Disney. With nary a half marathon or 10K insight! I took my nephews (14 and 17) and now I’m pretty sure they won’t fall for that again – there’s no sleeping in at Disney!

I’ve also joined a Step Bet – something like Diet Bet (which I’ve posted about in the past) but, ya know, with Steps🙂 It’s an app that you download and connect to your FitBit (or other device) and then you walk. And walk. And walk.  The SB app uses past data from your device to determine your goals and each week if you can’t meet them, you get ELIMINATED! Kicked off the island. Voted out of the house. Which makes it different than DietBet.

My goals are pretty big – to me anyway. But, other than the warm-up week I’ve made it. Of course, I have only made it through 2 full weeks so far!


And, I know I promise every single time I post to get better at posting, so I won’t promise that anymore – I’ll just have to show you! And I’ve actually done ‘stuff’ so there’s actually lots to tell you!

Plus, I actually will be more accountable with all of my training and other health efforts (which have been kind of lacking as I’m sure my doctor will tell me this week!)

So if you’re a parent ready for Back-to-School or …ya know, a non-human parent I hope you had a relaxing weekend and plans for a great week ahead!

See you soon.





Time for me to Admit I NEED your Help!!!

17 Jul

Yes yes, I know, I am so far behind. AGAIN!!!

No excuses, no explanations, no nothing!!! But, I need to get back on it!

Part of the reason I started this whole blogging thing was for accountability. And, I really can’t be too accountable if I don’t show up once in awhile right?

I’ve started my training for this year’s Marine Corps Marathon – and I’m already having issues so it’s time for me to ask for YOUR help! I need to check in a few times a week – I’ve got miles on the calendar for 5 days for the next …bazillion weeks!! If you don’t hear from me, I need to be publicly called on it! Email me, post on Twitter or Facebook. Skywriting….

And I have a lot of great recaps to share with you so look for those coming along soon.

Keep your eyes on this space — I hope to share some of the great things that have gone on in the last many many weeks with you. Race recaps, meeting new friends and just a lot of great stuff going on!!

Thanks for hanging in there. It is truly appreciated!!

hang in there

Social Media Giveaway AND Semi-Annual Sale!!!!

1 Jul 31 days

Like I mentioned yesterday, Skirt Sports is clearing out their closets to make room for some new great skirts (and MORE!)

Sizes and styles may be limited and no discount code can be used on sale merchandise!!

Click on the banner above – affiliate link ya’ll!!

31 days

We’re also hosting a great Instagram and Social Media giveaway for July — #31DaysofSkirt! We did this last year and it was a lot of fun – and the more people who play the more fun we’ll all have!

Here are the giveaway/posting details:
1- Post on Instagram each day in July with something Skirt Sports! Use hashtags ‪#‎31daysofSkirtSports‬ ‪#‎skirtsports‬ and ‪#‎REALwomenmove‬
2- each week random winner will win $100 gift cert
3- end of July we’ll choose one lucky winner to win a $400 gift cert!

Be creative with the daily posting themes and have fun!

And if you don’t have enough skirt (how is that even possible?!!) See above🙂

Happy Friday and Welcome to July!!!


It’s Time for an End of Season Sale!!!

29 Jun

Yes yes, I know I am WAY WAY behind, but I’ll be catching up realllll soon cause I have LOTS to share!!


I am so excited to share great happenings with you!!!

But since I don’t want you to miss out, I wanted to let you know that  starting Friday,  there will be an End of Season Sale over at Skirt Sports!*  But because I love you for reading here you get to start shopping on Thursday!

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit Skirt Sports out in Boulder CO and saw a preview of the new fall / winter line. Now, it’s coming soon so we’ve got to make room for it – online and in the store!!  And you are gonna want some of this – new prints, new styles and some great cold weather gear!

Something to remember about sales this awesome — you can’t use my discount code (ORF20) for 20% off on sale items – which really is okay since this is an amazing sale!

For instance – all Spring and Summer bottoms will be 30% off (doesn’t include dresses, Tantrum or Psyched GGU and Happy Girl). Tops are 40% and past season items are 50-70% off!!! I mean – how can you resist, right?!!

A word of caution though, since this is pretty much a closet clearing sale, sizes will be limited so if you see something you MUST have (#alltheskirts maybe?) grab it!!

And if you have any question about fit, sizing or what I like, just ask away!

Now, what are you waiting for??? Get shopping!!! *


Great summer Sale starting tomorrow — but you can shop NOW!!!!

*Post contains affiliate links. As a Skirt Sports ambassador, I receive some items as gifts and others at discount. All of my skirt opinions however, are my own!

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